Normalizing the art of being unconventional so that we can embrace change while honoring tradition.

Welcome to Patreats, the exclusive producer of artisanal food products infused with wines and spirits. We place a high value on infusion innovation and our intent is to always strive to produce depth of flavours within our products that taste incredible.

Each exclusive batch is carefully crafted in small sizes with the utmost attention to detail, delivering a delicious tasting experience every time!

Your taste palette is our canvas. Pair up our delicious products with whatever experience you are looking for!

Join us as we bring our visions from concept to life.

Proudly Canadian!

Company founder looking back and smiling

Encouraged by the positive reactions from her partner, family and friends, Patrice decided to pursue her dream of sharing her desserts with a larger audience. She launched “Patreats” as a small catering alcohol infused pastry business.

The name "Patreats" is a clever combination of Patrice's name and the delightful treats that she creates. Her passionate spirit and relentless dedication drove her down the path of catering, serving private and charity events.

Patrice had always envisioned the concept of combining desserts with wine and spirits. She knew she had something extraordinary, but, was unsure of how to proceed. After much thoughtful consideration and thorough research, she concluded that the best way to bring her concept to life was by crafting a shelf product. With a burning ambition to develop a unique and innovative product, she rebranded Patreats to "Patreats Inc 2020". While the initial focus of the brand had been on alcoholic-infused gourmet pastries, it was no longer the main offering.

Today, Patrice has left the corporate world to pursue her dream in the vast realm of food. We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey and share our delectable creations with all the daring and adventurous foodies out there.

Gather with us, today.

— Patrice M

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